One of the best parts of the Equine Business Association is the community of fellow business owners you find yourself surrounded by. They are a constant source of friendship, inspiration and sometimes, commiseration! 

I’d really encourage you to get involved in the community and a great place to start is in the EBA Facebook group.  Request to join it if you haven’t already. If you’re already in the group but being shy, then write an intro post about you and your business or start commenting and liking on other members posts.  

Whilst we are all here to grow our equine businesses, I am determined to keep the EBA about relationship building not hard selling.  In that spirit there is a no-advertising rule in the Facebook Group.  And yes, sharing your own blog posts multiple times a week is still advertising…  Equally whilst I love it when members connect and collaborate, there is a low tolerance for private messaging members purely to sell (if you’re on the receiving end of this and feeling uncomfortable), drop me a line here.  

You can also reach out to the EBA community manager Alice Cuff at any time, whether you simply want to say hi, have a question about if a post is allowed or are feeling a bit shy about getting involved.  I’ll let her introduce herself below. 

Meet Alice


Alice is based near Bristol, in the South West corner of the UK where she lives with her two horses, Captain and Duchess. She’s an Equine Massage & Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master & Confidence Coach. Alice runs Instinctively Equine, her own practice.


Before setting up her equine business, Alice worked in a range of industries, including insurance, health and business networking.  Through the journey of starting her own business, she’s learnt the value of collaboration and the importance of having a strong community for support. 


In a nutshell, she’s one of us and understands exactly the joys and challenges of running an equine business.  Alice helps bring the EBA members together, encouraging conversations, and loves to see these relationships form and how they develop into fantastic business opportunities for all involved.