Core Strength Studios

Core Strength Studios

Free ‘Reduce Back Pain’ Consultation:

Are you fed up of back pain stopping you doing the things you love? Have you tried everything but it keeps coming back? Come for a free consultation at our Bristol studio to learn how to get stronger and reduce your pain long-term.

Click the website link to register for a consultation and we’ll be in touch to book your session. During a consultation, you’ll receive a full postural and movement assessment to find out if there are any contributing factors, learn how to activate your core muscles, receive functional exercises which you can do as you’re going about your daily activity and learn how through core and back strengthening, you can reduce back pain long-term.

Core Strength Studios are based in Bristol and specialise in helping people reduce back pain in 12 weeks or less through specialist back strengthening and exercise rehab. We use a rehab machine which is one of only 4 in the country to isolate and strengthen the deep back muscles, which is virtually impossible through traditional exercise, and why our clients achieve such great success.

Tel: 01179299555