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Save £50 on a truetune vehicle remapping device from SA Tuning.

Use code eba50 via our website to save £50 off a truetune.

International offer – truetune will ship worldwide and works with almost all vehicle brands including European, American & Japanese cars, pickups and vans.

Want to save money on your vehicle fuel bills for your company or personal vehicles? truetune will allow you to reprogram the ECU (the onboard computer in all modern vehicles) to give you better performance.  The end result is customised for your exact vehicle as well as the desired end result.  Want your 3.5tonne van to have a better MPG? Maybe you want your 4×4 to have more torque so you can tow a trailer with big horses easier. Or perhaps you want your car to be nippier and more fun to drive when you put your foot down?

The truetune device allows you to apply a custom map (a programming file) to your engine without having to go to a garage. It’s as easy as using a USB device on a computer – plug it in, apply the file and you’re ready to go.  You can change the vehicle back to the original factory settings any time you want – great when selling your vehicle or returning a lease car!  

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