Get Inside Your Customers Mind Masterclass

To be successful with marketing your business, you need the ability to crawl into your customers mind. Without the ability to know what they are thinking, their problems, fears and desires, you’ll never get the maximum effect from your promotional activities.

Great print ads, fantastic Facebook ads, gorgeous Google ads – it all starts with consumer psychology well before you start to think about colours, fonts and slogans.

In this masterclass, Emma D’Arcy will show you how to make your existing marketing more effective. Topics covered include:


  • Understanding your customers & their goals
  • What you need to do to make sure your goals are in sync with theirs!
  • What a customer journey is and why you need a good one
  • Where to find data on customers


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Take a deep dive strategy session into your customers with Emma D’Arcy. Normally $500 for a 2 hour session, there is a special rate of $250 for EBA members only. To find out more & book your session, contact Emma here.

About The Trainer


Emma D’Arcy, Emma D Marketing

Emma D’Arcy has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise under her belt. She holds a degree in Business and a Masters of Science in Marketing and currently lectures at MBA level for the University of Limerick.

Don’t let the academia frighten you because she has immense practical experience across 20 years in a variety of industries; she’s worked in retail, as a sales manager, a market researcher, in the agricultural and bloodstock industry and in the warehouse & logistics industry.

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