Using Sponsored Content, Brand Ambassadors & Competitions Without Breaking The Law

With Amy Powell


Almost half the UK’s consumers are using social media more since lockdown began. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter are seeing record levels of engagement, whilst TikTok downloads have surged across all demographics.

With ad spend and marketing budgets down, prize promotions & working with influencers on social media are being increasingly used by businesses.

Prize draws, competitions and instant wins can all be organised quickly and for low cost on social media – but did you know that there are strict rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure that they run smoothly and legally? This session will explain the rules for each of the different platforms and show you best practice, so that you can harness the power of a compelling social media promotion.

Brands are increasingly using influencers as an effective way to promote their products and services during lockdown, but in a crisis the rules often get forgotten or ignored. Did you know that brands and influencers are equally responsible for a breach of the rules?

This is a must attend workshop for any business, professional rider or influencers who are using social media.




Compliance Manager

In her free time, Amy is an equestrian writer and freelance press officer but for her day job, Amy is a compliance manager for Promoveritas (https://www.promoveritas.com/profiles/amy-powell ) Amy worked in Client Relations at PromoVeritas for a number of years before her knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding promotions led her to join our legal team as our Compliance Manager. Amy’s impressive knowledge of promotional compliance extends across the globe and she also keeps up to date with industry marketing rules such as alcohol, influencer marketing and HFSS and she is available to advise or present to any of our clients and help them run promotions right.