Get Found Online

an introduction to get found online

89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine (Source Fleishman Hillard)

Clearly having a good presence in internet search engines is essential for attracting new customers, regardless of the type of equine business you run.

But how do you start to master search engine optimisation aka the art of making sure your website is on the homepage of search engines? It’s a technical topic with frequent changes to what works, as the search engines tweak the algorithms that govern what websites are shown when a user types in their search query.

So in this course we’re going to focus on some easy to implement tools that Google provides for free and that will provide long term benefits to your website. In case your wondering why we’re concentrating on Google, it’s because 93%  of all web searches take place on their platform.

This course content was originally recorded for a live 5 day mini-course for members and each day is designed to take 20-60 minutes.  You can of course work through it over 5 days or block out an afternoon and do it all at once!

Topics we’re going to cover include:

• Google My Business
• Google Reviews
• Webmaster tools
• Google Posts
• Google Analytics

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