Get Found Online


DAY 1 – Google My Business


Google My Business is an important part of getting your business to show up in Google search engine results.

Whether you are a service based business that goes to clients (like a farrier) or have a physical location (a stable or feed store), your potential customers are using Google to find you.  A well optimised Google My Business listing will help make you visible & in turn, get found online.

Watch the video below to find out more and how to set up a new listing or improve your current one.


• If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, your task is to set one up.

• If you already have have a Google My Business profile, your task today is to optimise it.  Have a look at the insights section of your profile to see how often you are being seen & what parts of your profile searchers are interacting with.  Then work through the checklist below & see if you have anything missing or if it needs a refresh.

How to access Google My Business

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UK ->


Work through the checklist below.  But first a quick note re the address you are going to use – it’s really important your address is consistent (even down to St vs Street) across your Google My Business profile as well as your website, Facebook page, Yelp, Yell etc.