Get Found Online

DAY 4 – Google Posts


Today is all about an exciting new feature that’s been added to Google My Business.  If you’ve completed the work in Day 1 & 2 on your profile, you’re all set to take advantage of Google Posts & grab some valuable Google Real Estate for your business.

The video explains how to set them up so let your creativity run wild! 

Once you’ve watched the video, your task for the day is to upload your first post.




This is briefly mentioned in the video and since recording, Google have rolled out the service to select countries (unfortunately they aren’t more specific). It’s definitely available in the UK & US right now (Jan 2019).  

Google messaging allows customers to contact you directly via your Google My Business profile without having to leave the Google search results page. You can turn this setting on via the messages section of Google My Business.

If you want to use this feature I’d highly recommend downloading the Google My Business app onto your phone so you can easily get notifications of messages as they come in. It’s also a quick way to add Google posts to your profile using photos or videos from your phone camera roll.  

Here are a couple of screenshots from the Google My Business app.