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DAY 3 – Google Webmaster Tools


Day 3 is all about getting to grips with Google Webmaster Tools.  This tool only applies to those of you who have your own website, so if you don’t have a website, you can skip straight on to day 4.

This is also the most technical part of the challenge so if you don’t have access to your website to make changes or aren’t comfortable with tech topics, then you can skip this too.  You might want to give the video a quick watch first though as it’s likely not as bad as you’re expecting 😉

Sign up or login at

If you already have Webmaster Tools set up, skip to 6.33 on the video.




✅  Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools
✅  Verify your site
✅  Submit a site map

If you already have a webmaster tools account for your website, use today to have a dig around.

✅  Check for crawl errors
✅  See if your sitemap is correct
✅  Have a look at the search analytics for your site


Resources mentioned 

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Free but with premium upgrades)

Google Webmaster Learn